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By 2030, one billion people across the world will be unreachable by roads…

Global missions and humanitarian aid relies on small aircraft that can land almost anywhere.

But the supply line is aging and disappearing. Pilots and mechanics are retiring faster than they can be replaced, threatening the global missions infrastructure.

A new generation must answer the call.

Lives Changed

Christian pilots and mechanics are making incredible stories possible all over the world. Explore some of those stories and the inspiring work God is doing in people’s lives through mission aviation.

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See what it takes to be a missionary pilot or mechanic, and explore programs that can launch a meaningful career bringing hope around the world.

Ends of the Earth

Imagine flying over breath-taking landscapes only to land on an airstrip hand-dug by local villagers on a remote mountain deep in the jungle. The Ends of the Earth brings viewers face-to-face with hard to reach villages, awe-inspiring landscapes and the incredible people who are willing to risk it all for the sake of sharing Christ’s love.
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Ends of the Earth Trailer


SMAT Thank You

Two graduates from the SMAT training program share how the training they received prepared them for serving in mission aviation.

Moody Aviation Flight Program

Learn about becoming a pilot through Moody Aviation’s flight program.

Ethnos360 Aviation “8 Minutes”

How can an 8-Minute flight change lives? See how Ethnos360 Aviation is using aviation to share God’s love in some of the remotest places left to reach.

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Calling Future Pilots and Mechanics

Explore Careers in Mission Aviation

See what colleges and training programs are available and find out which is right for you.

Partner Organizations
Many organizations contribute to keeping the global missions aviation infrastructure moving. Here are just a few of them.