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Explore the world of mission aviation.
Trusty Blue Tug
All in a day’s work at the hangar.
AIM AIR captures the amazing impact mission aviation has on villages around the world.
Moody Aviation Flight Program
Learn about becoming a pilot through Moody Aviation’s flight program.
Before the Borders Closed
AIM AIR responds to an emergency evacuation as Covid closes down international travel.
Moody Aviation 75th Anniversary

A tragedy sparks a movement. Learn about Moody Aviation’s inspiring past and present.

Four Stories One Heart
A pilot, a mechanic, a missionary, and an African villager share their stories.
Ethnos360 Aviation “8 Minutes”

How can an 8-Minute flight change lives? See how Ethnos360 Aviation is using aviation to share God’s love in some of the remotest places left to reach.

Moody Aviation’s Maintenance Program
Learn how to repair and maintain airplanes through Moody Aviation’s maintenance program.