Missionary Air Group

MIssionary Air Group (MAG)

Providing mission-specific, professional pilot training not only for MAG staff pilots and programs, but also for MAG’s partner organizations and the broader mission aviation community. Our training department works cooperatively with the training departments of other mission aviation partners to ensure that we maintain “best practices” in flight and aircraft maintenance standards.

Available Degrees
  • Private
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • CFI if required by sponsoring ministry
Special Opportunities
  • We are an aviation missionary organization that ministers in Central America. We also partner with other missionary sending agencies to train their missionary pilot apprentices.
  • When partnering with a sending agency to train their missionary pilots, we incorporate, as much as possible, specialized training requested by the sending agency.
  • We have a joint Pilot/Mechanic apprenticeship program established with MMS through which we receive apprentices that have acquired their Airframe and Powerplant certificate (A&P).
  • Apprentices become a part of the MAG family during their flight training tenure and will assist in maintaining the airplanes that they fly.
  • Our apprentices are certified aircraft mechanics, with or without prior flight training. (Under certain conditions the mechanic certificate (A&P) requirement may be waived)
  • As part of their training, apprentices will fly and participate in actual ministry among villages that we, or our partners, serve.
Program Strengths
Program Strengths
  • We don’t train pilots, we train missionaries who will be fully equipped to fly and minister anywhere in the world, with our or other sending organization.
  • We incorporate a vetting process that includes working with partnering ministries which assures the apprentice is fully aware of their calling in missionary aviation service.
  • Apprentices receive international flight training opportunities at the end our apprentice program.
  • Apprentices transition to sending organizations upon graduation and do not leave the mission community
  • To date every missionary pilot/mechanic that has graduated from our apprentice program is currently serving in the mission field.
  • Primary trainer is a TAA Cessna 172
  • Advanced, standardization, and field training in a fully equipped field ready Cessna 206
  • Local access to several grass airstrips, each with unique characteristics and challenges
  • Mountain flying opportunities in western NC
Faculty-to-Student Ratio
  • Flight & Ground 1:1
Hours Required for Degree
  • Minimum of 400 flight hours to complete the apprentice program (Private, Instrument, Commercial, and advanced missions training), 400
Debt free program through missionary support